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Punta gallinas

Punta Gallinas, the furthest point in South America is La Guajira's jewel and not to be missed.
Go on a tour starting in Cabo de la Vela, visit the dunes, Hondita bay, Faro Punta Gallinas, La boquita, the mangroves and many more.
Bookings can be made easily through our school, contact us for more info.

Cabo de la vela

El Pilon de Azucar, El ojo del Agua, Playa Arcoiris, sunsets at El Faro... Cabo de la Vela has much more than meats the eye.

Hop on a motorbike for 20.000 pesos, bring water, lots of sun-screen and relax to the sound of the waves at these different beaches.
We kindly ask our clients to pick up their trash and respect these places which each have particular sacred meanings in the Wayuu culture.


Absolutely want one of the famous colorful Wayùu bags ?
We strongly encourage our visitors to buy directly from the women in Cabo de la Vela. Selling bags and chinchorros ( big hammocks )  is the main income for many of the women in Cabo, time for shopping !

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